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Notre Dame vs. Cal: OVERREACTIONS

You see less craziness online after a win

NCAA Football: California at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

“Just Win, Baby.” —Al Davis —MattyG

Well, I gotta be honest. One has to scour the internet a bit more to get any spicy overreactions after a win. Even though the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are only 1-2 on the season, there is definitely a vastly better mood around the fanbase. Still adjustments need to be made by the team to make sure they could take control of a game in a better fashion than they did on Saturday. But, with heads a little bit higher this week than the previous two, here are some slight overreactions to what we saw when the Irish played Cal.

ND vs. Cal OVERREACTIONS We Saw Online

I understand where this was coming from when Pete tweeted this early in the game. The offense objectively was flat, especially in the first half. Pyne was struggling on the shortest of passes, and the offense was stagnant as a whole. It was a bit much to totally go full on against the offensive scheme after one drive and four minutes of real time since kickoff. I’m not saying Pete is wrong by being frustrated or sarcastic here, but it’s not like the offense did nothing all game like the past two games.

Ok so we all saw this, and of course even so did Drew Pyne. I’m in love with it, because it not only embodies what we all wanted, it was actually a coaching moment.

See, my fellow OFDer Phil here has a great point. I don’t want everyone getting up in arms about this or thinking that the coaching/team are “in shambles.” This stuff happens all of the time, and we don’t see it. Plus, this wasn’t a purple face moment - this had an element of being upset because Tommy knew Drew could do better. It’s an accountability scream more than anything, and it worked. We needed to see that fire and Patterson’s helmet slam last week because the guys care.

I’m even going to call myself out on an overreaction. This was mid-game, right from Section 6 inside the stadium. This is somewhat like Pete’s tweet from earlier in the game - we react to things especially as frustrations bubble up. Obviously the season has been a STRUGGLE overall, but the 2000s we saw games where the score would be flipped even though the Irish were objectively better. Some games and seasons are more like Saturday sometimes. And as we all know, Winning Is Hard.