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OFD Podcast: It was the best of wins, it was the worst of wins for Notre Dame

But it was still a win

ofd podcast Brendan McAlinden

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan shuffle into a pod situation after Notre Dame’s 24-17 win over the California Golden Bears. In this episode:

  • HELLO!
  • Reviews.
  • Joshua jumps right in with a lot of criticism about Drew Pyne - and Jude steps right in to defend his boy (this is what we do).
  • Is this the best we can expect from Notre Dame’s offense?
  • How will Tommy Rees operate moving forward?
  • The transfer portal mishaps.
  • The improved Irish offensive line.
  • Should Notre Dame stick with the two running back rotation rather than the three running back rotation?
  • A high-pressure day for Notre Dame’s defense.
  • How the referees inserted themselves into this game - and sprinted off the field for their troubles.
  • How Oski mesmerized 2/3 of this podcast, and we have no excuses for it.
  • The Irish crowd showed up and did well for itself.
  • The final few minutes of stress, and Marcus Freeman’s relief.
  • Already talking smack about the North Carolina Tar Heels, because LFG!

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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