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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes Vs. Cal Edition

Things can’t get worse.....Right?....Right.....?

How’d We Do Last Week?

As you know, I normally feature the most interesting, most wildly inaccurate, and most accurate takes for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from the previous week. Spoiler Alert on how we all did....

There were simply no Accurate takes and every single one of us was wildly inaccurate, but at least we had Farsdahl to provide some creativity.

Now that we have that misery behind us....let’s jump into some takes between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the California Golden Bears!

Cold Take

I could keep going on the pessimistic train, but honestly, screw that. Let’s keep things positive and start these off HOT HOT HOT, even for a cold take.

Drew Pyne is responsible for 3 touchdowns.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Wisconsin Appleton Post Crescent-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a guy on the roster you want to see succeed more than Pyne? By all accounts, he is an absolute grinder and has the respect of every single one of his teammates. I bet he was close to being a captain, even as the backup QB. He definitely has some limitations and some, “not great” decision making moments, but he is a playmaker. He knows this is his big shot to breathe life into the program and will do everything possible to make it happen. I think he gives his playmakers more chances to make plays (not overthrowing them) and is accurate on the short-intermediate routes. The play calling will focus less on zone reads, hopefully opening up opportunities that aren’t PISTOL ZONE READ (I hate that play). Drew has been great in moments, and I think he will have a strong performance, while still turning the ball over once of twice. This is a big moment, and he has shown to be a gamer at times.

Hot Take

Former Purdue Quarterback Jack (not Jake) Plummer is sacked 6+ times.

NCAA Football: UNLV at California Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame harassed Plummer a year ago (while at Purdue) to the point where he was pulled for Aiden O’Connell. Plummer has played solid so far, though against low competition. He was sacked 4 times vs UNLV a week ago, and the Irish defensive line takes things personally after having another poor second half. The first week against OSU was a, “moral victory” and the second week was simply inexcusable Look for big games out of Foskey, Cross, and a combo of linebackers playing with their hair on fire. The defense needs to step up big time and if they don’t this week.....well buckle up for a long long season.


I was down bad bad on Saturday night on account of the Irish. Football gods taketh, but they can also giveth. Holy Cross upset an FBS school for the second year in a row, on a wild finish no less. I appreciate all of the tweet, texts, and love I got from this as I feel like you all have really embraced my Crusaders. Anyway, they take on the Yale Bulldogs this week...look for a very tough matchup in the home opener at Fitton Field. Former Irish WR Jay Brunelle will look to make an impact, but is bested by HC Corner John Smith, who will finish the game with a int and 3 PBUs. This one is close, but HC pulls away in the 4th with some stout defensive play.

Your Takes: Please leave your takes below (hot, cold medium-any temp). I will feature the Top Takes next week. GO IRISH!