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Notre Dame vs. Marshall: OVERREACTIONS

Reactions not so “over” for many of us after that one

Marshall v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Buzz, your football team...WOOF

I mean. What else is there to say at this point? The Notre Dame Fighting Irish put up an abysmal performance on Saturday in the loss to Marshall, and that is putting it lightly. Nothing was really clicking, the defense got bullied, and the offense couldn’t put much together. It was a mess we haven’t seen the likes of since 2016 and really since about 2008 or 2011. Honestly, not many of the reactions to the game were overreacting because that was such a bleak loss. But, I’ll put some takes in here we can discuss.

ND vs. Marshall - the overreactions

I love this outlook, but kinda like last week - we don’t really have much evidence right now to prove there will be a national championship in sight. Maybe that right there is actually the overreaction because Freeman still seems to have the mannerisms, charisma, understanding of Notre Dame, and the recruiting so far to take the team far. But, that is just too much to comprehend right now in the midst of a devastating loss.

I’ll admit that this one gave me a chuckle. It is tough to to know exactly what will happen over the course of the rest of the season. This is not too much of an overreaction/prediction. But the talent gap from what the Irish have shown to what we thought they had is now greater than the talent gap that I thought was between ND and Marshall.

Along those same lines, here is a take from former ND Football captain and pretty beloved player, Drue Tranquill. This is an overreaction to the positive because I don’t want people to think too much about this being maybe just an off day and falling into some sort of Pollyanna outlook of the ND Football season so far. The issues that we have seen in the first two games are a cause for concern in the mental fortitude and overall skill that the team has. We don’t know for sure yet, but I can’t call things just weird or off for one day. I know why Drue said this, but there are some significant issues that need to get fixed, and in a rapid manner.

This one is apropos of today’s news where we just saw Nebraska fire Scott Frost after only 3 games this season. He has vastly underperformed especially after coming back as an alum and deemed a savior of the program before accomplishing much. There are parallels here between Frost and Freeman, but this has only been three total games under Freeman, not 5 years of mediocrity. There is time needed, but better performance on the field is necessary.