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Notre Dame Football: Jarrett Patterson is all of us right now

Sweaty and pissed off is just dad life training

Jarrett Patterson leaving the field following Notre Dame’s loss to Marshall
Jarrett Patterson leaving the field following Notre Dame’s loss to Marshall
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Right after the clock hit zero in Notre Dame’s 26-21 loss to Marshall, Irish offensive lineman Jarrett Patterson unleashed a display of anger and frustration that many of us felt — but were unable to act upon.

Marcus Freeman was asked about the incident in the postgame press conference, and he explained it as a learning situation.

“You know, he’s an ultimate competitor. And when you’re a competitive person, man, your emotions when you lose can take control of you. And I didn’t see it, but I’m sure that’s the case. And so, as I said to the guys in the locker room, that’s when we need our leadership the most, right? When things are at the toughest moments, no matter if it’s starting off 0-2, no matter where we go from here, when it matters the most in those toughest and hardest moments, that’s when your leadership has to come out.”

“And so, this won’t be the last time Jarrett Patterson is in a situation where he’s disappointed. And he has to continue to understand that that’s where you have to be a leader, and you have to make sure that everybody’s watching you. Same with me. Everybody watches how you act when things are tough. When things are good, it’s easy, man. Everybody’s happy. It’s easy to be a leader when everything’s going well. When things are going not so well, that’s, to me, when the character and leadership will show.”

Should Jarrett Patterson, a captain, have acted out so emotionally? Probably not, but I’ve seen other players in situations like this cry like a little bitch (best phrase for it) and I can’t feel that — and neither would any teammates.

Patterson had a rough game at left guard, and the anger and frustration was already well past boiling before this moment. Honestly, I’m just happy that someone out there cares this much.

Notre Dame fans are an emotionally unstable bunch as it is. While many of us run to the message boards and Twitter to vent like a bunch of assholes, Patterson did it in the warrior’s space. He felt and acted out how many Irish fans felt after this disastrous game. I can’t be mad at him, or even criticize his actions because I get it — Saturday sucked and there’s not much hope that things will actually get much better.

There. I said what I needed to say without criticizing the lame “tradition” of the swaying. Or maybe I just did — but there’s the tunnel and I’m gone y’all...