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The Triple Option: When will Tyler Buchner be named as Notre Dame’s starting QB?

Also… math is stupid

Tyler Buchner notre dame football
Tyler Buchner
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We’re shin deep in Notre Dame Football’s fall camp and not one mention of running the triple option. Well that just means we need to pull out our own version.


Doug Farmer has all the votes from 10 media members (I’m in there) for his annual top 25 Notre Dame players list. Drew Pyne didn’t make the top 25, and only received three #25 votes. We’re all pretty confident that it’s going to be Tyler Buchner — now Freeman just needs to announce it. When do you think that will happen?


ESPN’s David Hale put out the annual (is it annual?) “which school is this position university,” and it’s a giant pile of dog shit.

Hale decided to change things up and use some type of mathematical formula to come up with his rankings, and once again we have proof that math is a lie. Notre Dame was not ranked in the top 5 for offensive line or tight end. Hale’s math fraud didn’t even have the Irish down as a “missing from this list” participant.

It’s dumb AF.


Something weird is going on in Norman, Oklahoma, and Cale Gundy’s daughter took a page out of the playbook of Brian VanGorger’s daughter’s playbook with a Twitter post. We don’t know the full truth as to what happened with the Oklahoma Sooners, but it definitely doesn’t look good. Also... having Joe Mixon vouch for your character is really something.


Maybe you didn’t miss it, but I just want to make sure we all see it.