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Notre Dame Football: Talking Shamrock Series Fan Gear


I’m slightly obsessed with this year’s Shamrock Series uniforms. 2022’s alternates FINALLY give gold the spotlight. The font of the script at the chest is bold without being painfully flashy. It’s as if the letters were meant to be gold. I could do without the navy blue border around the numbers, but I gladly give these unis my seal of approval.

It’s All About the Gear

The team shared a sneak peek of the currently unreleased Shamrock Series fan gear to its Instagram page. I have to say, this collection, from what we can see now, is CLEAN, possibly slightly cleaner than the uniforms themselves, considering balance. That Art Deco detail at the hood? Five stars. That navy blue hoodie, jacket, and polo, though... As much as I love the clean white and gold combo, did anyone else in the shall we say easily sunburned community have their fingers crossed for some solid navy blue options?

This gear has the right amount of Las Vegas glitz and glam without being over the top. From what we can see, the collection forgoes the excess of the blue border on the jersey numbers; this gear has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Still, Questions Remain

It isn’t exactly a secret that Notre Dame Twitter has been abuzz with chatter on Marcus Freeman’s stash of Under Armour magnificence that is currently not for sale. It’s probably for the best, however; I know I would spend way too much money on the Freeman collection.

This black zip-up, in particular, gave me hope for some black Notre Dame gear, and had me believing for a good while that this year’s Shamrock Series uniforms would be mostly black. Fans would have jumped at such a collection in a second. Proudly in the heavens gleams thy gold and blue, but there’s no denying that black is more versatile than Notre Dame’s navy. Oh, well. At least the team has confirmed there’s some solid fan gear in store as the Freeman era begins.

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