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A gentleman’s review of Notre Dame’s second football practice of fall camp

Things are happening over here

Holiday Hikers Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team put its second practice of fall camp in the books, and here’s what I have to say about it all.


Drew Pyne received positive praise from the media that attended Saturday’s practice — and everyone hates it. Pyne had a terrible spring game, and 99% of the fanbase is ready to crown Tyler Buchner as the starter. Fans have absolutely no time or any tolerance for junior quarterbacks getting better and playing well — NONE.

I get it, and it feels like we’ve been here before... but isn’t this a good thing? I’m still as confident as ever that Tyler Buchner will be the starter, but knowing there is a capable #2 in place makes me feel as good as a trophy wife on a shopping spree.

The already thin WR group saw Jayden Thomas out of action today and working with a heavy ball. I suppose that allows a few kinder words for Deion Colzie — because we are going to need him. Speaking of kind words about a WR — freshman Tobias Merriweather has Tommy Rees in his corner.

Chris Tyree is setting the tone as RB1 early in fall camp. Much has been made about Tyree’s improved physical stature, and for good reason. Tyree is a burner, but just a little extra strength not only allows him to run through those cheap tackles, but it also gives him the confidence to cut it up inside when needed rather than bouncing to the outside all of the time. We need more one cut and go out of Tyree this season and he’s built to do that now.


Rylie Mills (General Mills to you) is quickly becoming the defensive end equivalent to what Quenton Nelson was on the offensive line. He’s absolutely huge and gets after it with passion.

I’m still not sure what to expect from Jordan Botelho this season. During his career he has moved from vyper to rover and back to vyper — and I’m still someone that needs sold on what he brings to the table. There is no doubt that he brings a massive badass vibe to the field, but I’m still waiting on the badass results. I’m really hoping to see more from him during camp.