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Notre Dame Football: A Notre Dame Football Schedule Playlist

Alexa, play the Victory March on REPEAT.

NCAA Football: Camping World Bowl-Notre Dame vs Iowa State Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings, so what better way to work through the excitement and the stress of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football fandom than a playlist about as complicated and confusing? As a newly obsessed runner, I’ve learned it’s all about the right playlist and have picked a song for each game on the schedule as we brace for the highs and lows. Enjoy.

Ohio State: “Ohio (Come Back to Texas)”

I’ve addressed my complicated relationship with my home state several times on this blog. This helps a little. Sure, it’s about Texas, but it captures my willingness to defend the great state of Ohio while it drains me emotionally on an almost constant basis.

Marshall: “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

I’ve never understood that “almost heaven” thing. I quote Jim Gaffigan, “If I’m good, when I die I go to a place a little bit better than West Virginia?” It makes no sense.

Cal: “Dani California”

California calls for some Peppers. No explanation needed.

UNC: “Wagon Wheel”

I admit I added this one partly because because it calls to mind the Wagon Wheel trophy of the Akron-Kent State rivalry, but if Hootie doesn’t speak to your soul, then we can’t be friends.

BYU: “In the Air Tonight”

The matchup between the Irish and Cougars in Las Vegas calls for some fire off the Hangover soundtrack. If you talk through the drum solo or skip the track before it, then there’s another reason we can’t be friends.

Stanford: “Everybody Talks”

The tree mascot is ridiculous, but I l like the rivalry. Hyping up with Neon Trees, it is.

UNLV: “Last Name”

More. Vegas. Vibes. The words “I don’t even know” sum up the Notre Dame fan life quite nicely, as well.

Syracuse: “Juice”

Though this captures the essence of the Syracuse game, I wonder how some orange zest would taste in OFD’s signature cocktail, Trojan Blood...

Clemson: “Roar”


Navy: “Yellow Submarine”

I love this rivalry but it’s almost whimsical, at this point.

USC: “Hotel California”

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...

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