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The REAL college football FREAKS list

Bruce Feldman isn’t the only one with internet access

There are several FREAKS lists out there now for college football, and while Bruce Feldman seems to be the king in this regard... I think he missed an important part of the definition of the word, “freak.”

Don’t be alarmed though. Brendan did a desperate “google search” and his findings properly place the REAL freaks of college football in the proper context. Unsurprisingly, Notre Dame’s old friend Pat Narduzzi from the Pittsburgh Panthers showed up a number of times.

Can you believe that these monsters really exist in the world? Well you better believe it. The college football season starts in just a few days, and these weirdos will be out running wild and unchecked by the mainstream media. You don’t believe me? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Trust me when I say that the less you know is probably for the best, but the truth will set you free. Fans of the Michigan Wolverines, Stanford Cardinal, Clemson Tigers, Ohio State Buckeyes, USC Trojans, and Pitt are just hiding behind nature’s great mistakes.