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Notre Dame Football: FULLBACK Davis Sherwood earns a scholarship


Davis Sherwood

According to a report on Blue and Gold Illustrated, Notre Dame sophomore tight end/fullback Davis Sherwood has earned a scholaship after placing Avery Davis on the medical hardship list.

As a freshman last year, Sherwood played in the fifth most games of all Notre Dame freshmen on the roster. He became a special teams standout, and has continued to make that mark throughout the spring and in fall camp.

In the spring, both Sherwood and Barrett Liebentritt were both listed as TE/FB on the Irish roster. The current roster has both only listed as tight ends while the only fullback is freshman Justin Fisher from Mishawaka.

But I mean... if you’re listed just once as a fullback on a college roster, are you ever anything else? The answer is NO, not really. Besides being a FULLBACK Davis Sherwood has a last name first name — and my heart.

Congratulations to Sherwood, and I look forward to a 31 trap play while up 47-0 on Marshall.