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A gentlemen’s review of Notre Dame’s fifteenth football practice of fall camp

It’s Buckeye time

Hunting Gents Photo by Sean Sexton/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

We have reached fully full on to the fullness time for Notre Dame’s preseason preparation for the college football season. The Irish are gearing up for the season opener against Ohio State, and we have a few tidbits.


There were a lot of jersey number swaps to help create a more accurate scout team. Steve Angelli put on that #7 jersey and it’s almost like he’s C.J. Stroud out there. One number change had nothing to do with Ohio State though — Logan Diggs put away the #22 for #3. Diggs wore that number in high school, but it’s also a nice way to honor fellow southerner Avery Davis.

Deion Colzie was back in action, but is still wearing a knee brace. The Irish are back up to 8 scholarship wide receivers on the practicefield — which includes Matt Salerno and Xavier Watts.

Tight end Kevin Bauman made a play that wow’d onlookers. People forget that he’s a pretty good tight end too — people forget that.


Cam Hart was missing on Monday, but reports are that he was seen at the end of practice. Where there was initially a “shit my pants” mentality when Hart’s absence was first known — whatever the opposite is of that was how I felt when he was finally seen.

We already knew that Rylie Mills would move inside on passing downs with Justin Ademilola lining up on the strongside opposite Isaiah Foskey. It also appears that Alexander Ehrensberger is being trained in that same role as Mills. Notre Dame’s defensive line isn’t just deep — it’s extrememly versatile and able to give multiple looks on similar downs.

Sophomore defensive backs Philip Riley and Ryan Barnes wore Ohio State numbers on Monday while freshman Benjamin Morrison and sophomore Chance Tucker wore their own numbers. This feels like a pecking order situation, and freshman Jaden Mickey is ahead of all of them.


Blake Grupe could be the Reggie Ho hero we need.