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Notre Dame Football: Irish put four players on the AP All-American Team

Not bad, but still a little off

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford
Jarrett Patterson is a center forever
Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

There are all kinds of All-American teams, but the AP All-American Team is the one I generally like the most — call me old-fashioned or whatever. On Monday, the AP released its 1st and 2nd teams and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were well represented.

1st Team

C — Jarrett Patterson
DE — Isaiah Foskey

2nd Team

TE — Michael Mayer
S — Brandon Joseph

It’s kind of absurd to think that there was a group of people that put Michael Mayer behind Brock Bowers — regardless of how good Bowers is (because he is really damn good). Some of the voting includes a type of projection for the season, and who’s crazy enough to think that Mayer isn’t going to rewrite the history books at Notre Dame?

Anyways... Notre Dame’s four players goes hand in hand with its top five ranking in the polls, with only Ohio State and Alabama having more players on the AP teams (all of Ohio State’s are on offense).