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Brady Quinn Goes In Depth On the Purpose and Mission Behind Notre Dame’s NIL Collective, “FUND Foundation”

Brady Quinn’s college decision came down to Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan. You know where he ended up. But do you know why?

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Brady Quinn, left, speaks as Reggie Bush looks on during the Fox Sports Big Noon Kickoff NCAA football pregame show, Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021, at the Pentacrest in Iowa City, Iowa. 211009 Big Noon 012 Jpg
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I love catching up on what former Notre Dame football players are up to, and oh do I have a treat for you this week. On this past Sunday’s episode of the Varsity House podcast, the guys (Shaun Crawford and co-host Carl Jones) featured former Notre Dame football player and current sports media analyst, Brady Quinn, as their guest. Brady sat down with them to talk about his upbringing in Ohio, how he landed at Notre Dame, the current landscape of college football, his career with the Browns, and memories from Notre Dame. He also went in depth on the purpose and mission behind Notre Dame’s NIL Collective, “FUND Foundation.”

Brady Quinn’s college decision came down to Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan. You know where he ended up. But do you know why?

“I’m telling you, when people go there, it hits different.”

Watch/Listen to the two-part podcast interview here.

Do you know what Brady is up to when he’s not analyzing football in the fall? Here’s a bit about his foundation (3rd & Goal Foundation), and all of the great work he’s doing with veterans.

Our Story

From Brady Quinn’s childhood in Dublin, OH, the influence of a commitment to service has framed his life. His father Tyrone was in Vietnam as a Marine. His grandfather fought in World War II. Brady always had a desire to find a way to serve as well.

The 3rd & Goal Foundation was founded in 2011, but the inspiration for the foundation can be traced to 2010, when our founder was playing in the National Football League and during training camp had an inspirational visit with a group of veterans. During that time, Brady realized there was a need for doing adapted housing for those coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 3rd & Goal Foundation began building wheelchair ramps, as well as, remodeling bathrooms and kitchens for those veterans who were wounded to help them adjust a little easier to their new life and surroundings. Years later, 3rd & Goal began to expand its efforts to be able to serve more veterans in need by implementing the operation education and operation joy components to their mission. While the mission is growing, one thing that will always stay the same is that 3rd & Goal is committed to making a difference in the lives of our veterans.

Why “3rd & Goal”?

3rd & Goal is a crucial moment in any football game, that can be the difference in winning or losing. Founder Brady Quinn knows the importance of 3rd & Goal from his playing days at the University of Notre Dame and the National Football League.

This down and distance term describes the situation for many veterans returning to face difficult times. The 3rd & Goal Foundation grants “Touchdowns,” a term we use for the life-altering assistance we provide veterans in need.

Granting “Touchdowns” for Veterans in Need

Operation Home

Our veterans exhibit courage on a daily basis and bravely fought for our freedom. Unfortunately, many of them face difficult situations when reintegrated into civilian life. The 3rd & Goal Foundation grants “Touchdowns” for qualified veterans that go toward building homes or remodeling living spaces for those wounded in combat or discharged with an injury. In the past, we have assisted in many areas including constructing wheelchair ramps and remodeling spaces inside the homes to make handicap accessible.

Operation Education

Warrior-Scholar Project

The 3rd & Goal Foundation funds the Warrior-Scholar Project for all participants at the University of Notre Dame. For many military veterans, despite the challenging experiences they have faced while enlisted, stepping foot into an academic environment can be nonetheless intimidating because of the foundational academic skills required to be successful in college. The Warrior-Scholar Project was established as an introduction to the demands of college life by offering a free immersive academic boot camp for current and former military service members who wish to pursue or continue higher education.

Peer 2 Peer Sponsor Program

The 3rd & Goal Foundation fully funds the Peer 2 Peer Sponsor program at The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati which helps all incoming student veterans and service members make a smooth transition from military service to the college environment by pairing them with peer sponsors who can help with paperwork, finding a place to live, navigating campus and anything else the new student might need to help them be successful in their first year of college. This program that is lead by trained 3rd and 4th year student-veteran has lead to overall increased GPA and graduation rates.

Veteran Nursing Scholarship

A nursing scholarship was established in 2021 by a partnership between the 3rd & Goal Foundation and Air Force Veteran Anthony Guzman, Administrative Nurse Manager at Dublin Methodist Hospital. This scholarship will be awarded to a Veteran from any branch of service currently working at Dublin Methodist or Grady Memorial planning to attend nursing school or to further their nursing education. This annual scholarship can be used for nursing school tuition or a certification.

Operation Joy

A way we show our gratitude is through creating joy in the lives of our veterans. 3rd & Goal truly believes in serving those who have served all of us. Sometimes the best way to serve is to do the things that help our heroes in need forget about their troubles and remember there are people who care about them. We are constantly adapting and finding new ways to create joy in the lives of our heroes. Adopting families during the holiday season, taking veterans to football games or concerts, serving dinners and planning events at the veteran shelters are just a few of the ways we help with spreading joy to those who need it the most.

Want to help Brady’s 3rd & Goal Foundation? Visit his website — — to see how you can help!

Cheers & GO IRISH!