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Notre Dame Football: The Mannings visit Rock’s House

Remember that thing?

Remember way back in the spring before we thought the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had 5-Star quarterback Dante Moore in the bag (no pun intended Martinelli’s)? It seems like forever ago, but there was a morning when all of a sudden we started seeing pictures of Eli Manning and Peyton Manning on campus. Of course — there were a lot of fans that wondered if the Manning brothers were there scouting Notre Dame’s campus for their nephew Arch Manning, but that wasn’t the case.

Eli and Peyton were there to film an episode of Omaha Production’s Eli’s Places and they both met up with Notre Dame legend Brady Quinn and the new Irish head coach, Marcus Freeman.

Quinn showed Eli around campus before the four of them drove a Rockne Studebaker over to 1417 Wayne St. in South Bend... the former home of Knute Rockne. While there, they discover Knute’s favorite play, and go out to the front yard to run it with the Notre Dame team — just like in Rock’s days.

You can watch the entire episode Wednesday on ESPN Plus’s Eli’s Places, but we have a few clips here to share.