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Notre Dame changed its shamrocks and I’m not okay with it


notre dame football
The shamrock on Notre Dame Stadium’s turf
Twitter @mattcashore

As most fans know, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish replaced its 8 year old field turf with a fresh set. At first glance, it looked to be very much the same field as what they had, but there was a change to the font of the sideline numbers — which was an excellent move.

It wasn’t until Matt Cashore posted this photo that I noticed the massive change to the shamrocks on the field. They were subtle and gorgeous as a basic white emblem. Now... they went all Under Armour on the field with the green shamrock surrounded by a dark blue background — which looks like a dark blur from afar.

But why stop at football?! The basketball program did something even more damning in the eyes of the gods — and took the shamrock off the floor entirely.

While I’ll be able to live with the new shamrocks on the field inside Notre Dame Stadium, removing the shamrock from the floor inside Purcell Pavilion is a crime against humanity. We don’t need the hashtag #GoIrish and “Purcell Pavilion” did not need to be so prominent. I like the size of the monogram — but a giant green shamrock as a background would have been dope. Honestly though... they should have just kept it the way it was — it was perfect.

I don’t know what meeting there was that created these changes, but I would have liked to show up to it looking like Randy Quaid in Caddyshack 2. I could have made a difference. I’m sorry.