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The Triple Option: Ohio State’s Ryan Day talks about Notre Dame and says nothing

What the hell is wrong with his beard?

2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Wednesday was a day of celebration for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with fancy new uniforms and a critically acclaimed Hangover reveal... but other things happened.


Ohio State head coach, Ryan Day, was at the podium for Big Ten media day and spoke about the Fighting Irish — kind of.

“I think it's a great opportunity to play against a really good opponent. Freeman does a really good job, he’s got a good staff, they’re very knowledgeable, very energetic, do a great job schematically and do a great job recruiting. It’s going to be a really big challenge for us, they’ve got a really good team coming into Ohio State, so all those things are going to have our guy's attention — and I think there is a little more attention from our guys — just knowing how big of a game we have to start the season off.”

So yeah... the basic words from a coach about another team kind of a thing. Day is a good enough coach to not hand over bulletin board material on such a large stage — at least when it doesn’t involve the Michigan Wolverines.

Honestly though — I just want to know what in the hell is going on with Day’s beard.


Notre Dame and the Buckeyes are going toe to toe for the top spot in the 2023 team recruiting rankings. Over the last few weeks, one commitment after another has vaulted one school over the other. So... you think things would be pretty great for both teams. Well, that isn’t entirely true for Ohio State.

The Bucks took a massive whiff from a big recruiting weekend. I’m not putting this here to make fun of OSU, I’m putting this here for Notre Dame fans to see that these type of things happen everywhere from time to time — not that Notre Dame has had a big recruiting weekend whiff in a while, but the point is still applicable.


While we have kept a close eye on the battle between Notre Dame and Ohio State for the team recruiting rankings, it’s the Texas A&M Aggies and its bags of cash that appear to be the biggest threat moving forward with this class.

Irish 5-Star Safety commit, Peyton Bowen, is likely headed to College Station for a pool Party this weekend. A couple of possible pool party co-attendees are Baylor Bears commit 4-Star Quarterback Austin Novosad and 4-Star RB/ATH Jeremiyah Love are also reported to be there. Both Novosad and Love are top priorities for Notre Dame right now, and both are looking to make a decision over the coming weeks.

In related but NOT because of news (post hoc ergo propter hoc is sidelined again) Notre Dame offered 4-Star RB Dylan Edwards. At the moment, Edwards is committed to the Kansas State Wildcats, but will now be greatly pursued by the Irish.


I’m going to head out — but I leave you with some of Brendan’s most recent work.