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Notre Dame Football: Irish send out a teaser for the Shamrock Series uniforms in Las Vegas VS BYU

Who’s a good boy?

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The time is almost here for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to unveil the 2022 Shamrock Series uniforms for its game in Las Vegas versus the BYU Cougars. Over the years, this has become one of the most anticipated events (the uniform unveiling) of the Notre Dame Football offseason. Not only do we get to finally see the alternate uniform of the season, but it’s also a milemarker of sorts as fall camp is right around the corner.

On Tuesday, Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman, started things off with a vague “pump-up” of the soon to come unveiling of the uniform.


It offered no clues as to what the uniform might look like. It was the official Notre Dame Football Twitter account that really dropped what could be a massive clue.

Of course I am probably reading too much into the tweet... but many Irish fans have been pounding the table for a return of Clashmore Mike. Could the dog being let out actually be a Clashmore Mike themed uniform?

Maybe, and I really hope so.

Seeing as this game is in Vegas, a lot of predictions involve something black, or something to honor the Las Vegas Raiders, or something that shines all of the light on Notre Dame’s gold. I suppose anything is still possible as it was a pretty vague tweet... but a Clashmore Mike uniform would be incredible.

While I haven’t seen anything official, my best guess is sometime between Wednesday and Friday, Notre Dame will unveil the uniforms.