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Who scores the first touchdown of the Notre Dame Football season? (and other things)

Go ahead and drop your answers for this year’s prop bets

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Oklahoma State at Notre Dame Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

You heard it on the OFD Podcast — and if you didn’t — what the hell is wrong with you? We have a huge list of prop bets for the 2022 Notre Dame Football season, and spent about two hours going over each one with our predictions and incredible insight.

Brendan McAlinden

This is the third year we have done this particular thing on the show. Last year we asked our friendsover on UHND’s Single High Podcast (Frank, Greg, and Ashton) to give their own predictions to the prop bets, and we had a lot of fun all season long with a handful of them. This year, we have decided to give everyone a crack at these, and Brendan created a Google form for all of you to wow us with your own brilliance.


Brendan will keep track of the results and we will provide updates as needed. I’d love to offer a t-shirt or something to the “winner,” but some of the results will be too subjective for legal words that I’m required by SBN to produce. But maybe I’ll just say “screw it at the end” anyways — I’m unpredictable.

At the very least, here’s an opportunity to have a wee bit of inside fun with your favorite podcasters.

Get to it!