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What the hell happened last week with Notre Dame Football?

Some stuff and also not some stuff

notre dame football Brendan McAlinden @verypiratey

There was a lot going on with the Notre Dame Football program last week — right? Sure, I suppose there was a lot of talk about the program, but it feels like it was all much ado about almost nothing.

As some of you know, I took a week off (mostly) and stayed away from the chit and chatter concerning Notre Dame and conference realignment. I’m sure if I had not been knee deep in dad life, I too would have offered up an opinion or twenty. Luckily for all of us, I did NOT waste the time doing something so pointless.

Notre Dame may eventually move to a conference for football, but none of that is happening this summer. At this point, I can honestly sit here and say that I am mostly indifferent to it all. Notre Dame is in a position of strength, and I’m confident any decision made will likely be the best one for Notre Dame and the football program.

Just like the college football playoff expansion, the conference realignment stuff was gassed up by the national media and the local beats around the country spun their opinions off of it all. (Mostly pointing my finger all over The Athletic and their 1000 different scenarios — just like the playoffs).

So... I guess I lucked out on that one.


Did something happen with Notre Dame football recruiting after the commitment blitz? Ah — yes — a certain someone made a decision.

We were expecting this for a while, and yet fans still played the part of the jilted lover. I guess the last month gave me a nice runway for this news — but it’s not as if I didn’t semi-predict this back in May. I know there were a lot of things written and posted about Moore’s decision to commit to the Oregon Ducks, so here’s my final two thoughts on the subject:

  • NIL was absolutely a HUGE part of his decision despite genuine statements with other reasons.
  • C.J. Carr’s commitment to Notre Dame played a big role in this recruitment (duh).

Of course, Dante wasn’t the only Moore to turn down the Irish. Jason Moore committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes — which sucks.

I had Moore penciled in for Notre Dame’s 2023 class for quite a while now, and although the Irish have a really good DL haul already committed, Jason is an incredible talent that I still want. The DMV strikes again — the east coast Fresno.

Back to Business

And that’s it. I just wanted to clear the air real quick before we get back to business as usual on the site.

If you read this far, then let me also share with you that on July 7th, I celebrated (by forgetting) my 6th year here at OFD. Cool. Fuck Michigan.