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OFD Podcast: Beat on Notre Dame’s Beat — Episode 2 Featuring Ashton Pollard

On3’s Ashton Pollard Joins for Episode 2

Episode 2: Ashton Pollard, On3

First off, if you missed Episode 1, you can catch up Here! Episode 2 features an OFD return guest in Ashton Pollard, who joined Josh and Brendan back at the start of the 2021 season. She is covers the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for “On3”, specifically Blue and Gold. We “met” on Twitter and have had plenty of fun interactions over the last year or so. She was gracious enough to be a part of my new show and shared some great anecdotes and stories of her day to day and how she ended up on beat.

Like last week, all feedback is greatly appreciated and if there are any guests you’re dying to have on, I’ll do my best to get them scheduled! Tell you family, friends, coworkers, and everyone you know to give it a listen, and share feedback with the guests as well! Finally, as always, GO IRISH!!