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Don’t Ever Get Notre Dame Fans To Do A(nother) Universal Hand Gesture

Hand gestures, like conferences, are lame

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It’s Just Too Easy To Mock

This idea came to me really recently, and I wanted to apply this to Notre Dame Fighting Irish games. The ND Baseball Team just finished up their College World Series run, and they were so fun to watch. In Game 1 of the CWS, the Irish played Texas. Whenever your team gets to play Texas and win, everyone always goes toward the “Horns Down” motion with their hands. It is truly hilarious and perfect.

Of course, all of that stems from the longhorn gesture that Texas Longhorns fans all do. It is truly hilarious to make fun of a team’s signature cheer or hand motion whenever they are losing. After all of that I realized that I don’t want Notre Dame to adopt a hand gesture like that.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Texas vs Texas A&M Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It is awesome and petty to be able to mock these hand gestures. This is what makes sports, and specifically college sports, so enjoyable. You can galvanize around those schadenfreude moments. And, especially for Notre Dame fans, we can totally make fun of the USC “V” hand gesture. It looks like they could be #2 or just peace out to you goobers. There is also the Louisville “L” that we see during basketball season.

Fortunately, the name of Notre Dame and logo of the ND Monogram don’t lend us to have a hand motion like that. The only thing that we do is the head football coach’s initials during The 1812 Overture before the 4th quarter. That stemmed from the Lou Holtz era. Honestly, no had has done anything like this for Freeman yet as the “K” for Brian Kelly was somewhat clunky. Maybe that will go away forever, and the motion will just be moving the arms. Who actually knows.

But, besides that, don’t ever incorporate a hand gesture. It is hilarious to make fun of other schools when they lose, and I don’t want ND to be the butt of a joke like that.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports