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The Triple Option: I don’t care what Notre Dame Head Coach Marcus Freeman said about Ohio State

And neither should you

marcus freeman notre dame

It’s been a wild week with all sorts of news about Notre Dame around the Bend, so let’s break out the triple option and gain a few yards.


I guess the sauciest news is what Marcus Freeman said about his alma mater — the Ohio State Buckeyes. I mean... I guess. So let me get this straight, a former Buckeye that is now the head coach of the Fighting Irish spoke the “unspoken truths” about the differences between a school like Notre Dame and a school like Ohio State — and people are mad?

Well of course they are, seeing as how being mad at nothing is a Buckeye’s birthright. So who cares? Really — who really gives a shit? Ohio State is still a 1412 point favorite for the season opener and no amount of shit-talking or bulletin board making/pinning material is going to make much of a difference. I don’t care that he said what he said, and I don’t care if it pissed anyone off.

He said what he said.


It’s visit season and there are a lot of moving parts in the Notre Dame Football recruiting machine right now. Do yourself a favor and forget about the Dante Moore recruitment.

The 247 Crystal Ball has been lighting up with picks for the Irish.

  • 2023 4-Star WR Rico Flores
  • 2024 4-Star WR Cam Williams
  • 2023 4-Star LB Jaiden Ausberry
  • 2023 4-Star CB Christian Gray
  • 2023 4-Star CB Micah Bell

And while that’s incredibly impressive, one pic of 5-Star RB Richard Young on his visit to Notre Dame has me swooning.


Irish WR legend, Golden Tate, is moving on from his NFL playing career by going back to baseball — a sport he played at Notre Dame during his time there.


I was going to save this for a podcast — but it’s too good to leave it alone for very long. As Catholics we should already be used to “giving things up,” so I want to know your thoughts below.