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New Notre Dame Football Podcast Series Coming Soon: The Beat on Notre Dame’s Beat

OFD’s New Summer Interview Series Kicks off Soon!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game
Yes Braden, Phil Gough IS releasing a new series!
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Beat on Notre Dame’s Beat

Well hello there everyone! I wanted to put up a quick promo for a series that I have been working on that I am VERY excited about. The concept is simple. We are all nuts about Notre Dame football and love to read different sites for a variety of reasons. At OFD, provide our analysis, but it is not our full time jobs. I was very curious to understand the ins and outs of the individuals we read, watch, and listen to on a daily basis who are on the beat.

I was also curious about how they got to where they are now by thinking about some questions....

  • Were they a Notre Dame fan growing up?
  • Who influenced their writing careers?
  • What team would they cover if not ND?
  • Do Strangers ask them for scoops in supermarkets?

You get the gist. The point here was not to ask them specifically about predictions, depth charts, recruiting etc., but pull back the curtain on what it means to be a beat writer for Notre Dame. So far, I’ve either interviewed or have lined up writers from The Athletic, Rivals, 247 Sports, On3, and of course, OFD (Sup Josh). These will come out as quick snippet articles as well as 30 minute long podcasts. I do have a couple of asks for you all though!

  1. Who do you want to see interviewed? I have 5 lined up or completed as a start, but let me know if there is anyone specifically you want to see featured. I can’t make promises, but will do my best to book guests you want to listen to. I will release a teaser the day before so you’ll know who to expect.
  2. What do you want to know from these writers? I have my questions, but happy to crowdsource some ideas from you all as well!
  3. Feedback. This is my first time launching something like this. With anything, feedback is critical and I hope to make improvements with each episode.

I am thrilled with how some of these have turned out so far and am incredibly excited to share these over the next couple months before camp kicks off. The first episode should drop next week....and I think you’ll be thrilled by the guest....As Always...GO IRISH!!