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The Top Notre Dame Stadium Concession Foods You Can Eat

Eat these foods when in the stadium

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I must be hungry always, because here I am again with another food article. But, I want to present to you all some of the best foods you can get at a Notre Dame Fighting Irish football contest in Notre Dame Stadium. I have a problem and I’m usually too nervous to eat food during the game when I’m in the stadium. But, when I have had food I have been generally impressed with the following foods. Let’s nom.

The Foods To Eat in the House That Rockne Built


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Concession stand nachos anywhere have never been my favorite. But, at Notre Dame Stadium they are decent It becomes a little much to deal with dipping the nachos, and you have a high chance of spilling onto the guy yelling at you to sit down. Plus, if you are bold to put the canned jalapeños on top, that adds an interesting odor to your section especially in those early September games. That will REALLY make “sit down” guy upset. These are overall worth it to eat, though. There is just more commitment needed for nachos.

Soft Pretzel

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A soft pretzel is a pretty classic stadium food. You get the warm soft pretzel (which gets a bump from me because it would be a Ben’s Pretzel, and those are bomb). The cheese or mustard dipping sauce is a choice with it, too. Just your standard pretzel is one where you really can’t go wrong.


Chick-Fil-A Struggles To Keep Some Locations Open Due To Labor Shortages Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It’s tough to beat Chick-Fil-A. If you’re hankerin for a chicken sandwich, you can get Chick-Fil-A in the Stadium. There is not much we need to say about the beauty of this food. It is somewhat more limited, as there is only one stand in the concourse near the student section. If you make time/are willing to get that food, it’s an excellent choice.


Food And Economy In Poland Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

I already established in my tailgate article I will contend that the gameday brat is the GOAT food on a football gameday. This is not my overall favorite on the concession stand list, though, for a specific reason that I will get into when I talk about the next item. I think brats might be in my Top 5 foods. They give you more substance, flavor, and a kick than a hot dog. They are just incredible. Brats just hit so different. The ND ones are great, too, and also give you a perfect meal to eat right before kickoff to keep you going once you get into the stadium.


Food And Economy In Poland Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Now, if you were just going on the type of food, brat would take the #1 spot. However, the Notre Dame concessions popcorn cannot be beaten. My dad would always call that popcorn the “industry standard” for popcorn. He was correct. It has an excellent balance of butter and salt. It’s usually not too hot nor is it ever stale. It is made so well, and the taste is perfect. While watching a game, it’s the classic and great snack to eat while things are happening. Low stress and low key, because that’s what popcorn is. Plus, I think it is the best stadium popcorn I’ve had.

So, there you go. Let us know in the comments if you eat other favorites in the stadium.