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College Football: No BYU, Notre Dame is definitely not your friend (or your peer)

Nor are they your brother you freaking weirdos

BYU v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Is there anything sadder than unrequited love? For years now, we have heard the complaints and whining from the BYU Cougars about a scheduling contract with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. There was a six game contract signed before 2011 that had the Irish playing two of those games in Provo. That’s obviously not going to happen now, and the BYU faithful is still trying to come to grips with reality.

So... I think we can just go ahead and kick reality out of the conversation here because Mr. McCann ain’t living in it.

He is right, however, Notre Dame is not BYU’s friend. There is an overinflated sense of worth that BYU fans have about their football program, and their move to independence by them proves as much. While selling the move to fans and media outlets, about every other word out of their mouths was, “Notre Dame.” They were going to be the Notre Dame of the West or some weird shit like that.

But they aren’t — and never could be — and their future move to the Big 12 only amplifies that fact. It was too hard because there just isn’t the interest nationwide. While BYU can tap into their LDS membership, no one hates them quite as much as they hate Notre Dame to have real relevance as a big-time independent program. The fact that they would bank on Notre Dame’s help as a friend or — mother of god — as a big brother is just incredibly naive and stupid. Before the contract they hug so dearly came about, the two schools had a grand total of 6 games played between them.

McCann goes on to further fan the flames of Cougar passions that the Irish must be scared to travel to Provo to play a game because of the loss in 2004. Scared — to play BYU. Yep, they must be scared of BYU as they sign home and home deals with the Georgia Bulldogs, Alabama Crimson Tide, Texas A&M Aggies, Ohio State Buckeyes, and others — you know — real creampuffs in the sport of college football.

To be perfectly honest, if I was a BYU fan, I’d be pretty pissed off too at Notre Dame for breaking the deal — but I wouldn’t start acting like a little baby to try desperately to be seen as a little brother. That’s just absolutely pathetic. It’s bad enough Notre Dame has a wookie life debt with Navy. They aren’t in the market for another stage 5 clinger.

BYU wants to be in the big boy conversation but acts like a child while trying to get there. The biggest reason the ND/BYU contract won’t be seen all the way through is because of conference realignment that started back in 2010 and continues even now. Schedules and contracts everywhere got torn up as the sport has evolved over the last decade.

And if you really think about it (and it really shouldn’t be that hard) BYU finally made it up the power structure ladder with their acceptance into the Big 12. That’s the place to find friends Cougar people. You can’t have the “will you be my big brother?” mentality as an independent — that's just silly.

Pound sand.