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The Triple Option: Common sense for Notre Dame VS Navy

The only thing that makes sense when it comes to this series

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It’s a true triple option for the start of a holiday weekend. Here’s the top Notre Dame news of the day.


For me, there is very little that makes sense about the continued football series between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Navy Midshipmen, but every once in a while a small bone gets thrown our way. Rather than waste precious college football time, ESPN/ABC (the new rights holder for Notre Dame VS Navy in the even years) has made the 2022 game a noon kickoff in Baltimore. Get in, get out, and be done with it — because no one outside of the program is going to care


We all know that Notre Dame’s season opener in Columbus against the Ohio State Buckeyes is going to be an incredibly difficult. We can talk about the challenges until we’re blue in the face (which I do not recommend if you’re traveling to the game) or we can start to find some optimism.

Here’s one from Land-Grant Holy Land... Ohio State hasn’t won a huge non-conference game in Columbus in a very long time.


The Irish knocked out a few dingers to help them beat the Florida State Seminoles — but something else stood out. With the Irish up 3-1, John Michael Bertrand walked the bases loaded with no outs (I think it was in the 4th). He fans the next two batters and gets a fly ball out for the third to get out of a horrendous jam without a scratch. Next up... the Virginia Cavaliers in the semifinals.


Let’s take this moment to appreciate our very own Brendan McAlinden and the Lord’s work that he puts in every day.