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The Under Armour awesomeness that Notre Dame’s Marcus Freeman wears but isn’t for sale

Sharing is caring, so share these snazzy fits with the people, Under Armour

NCAA Football: Notre Dame-Spring Practice South Bend Tribune-USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s no secret that Marcus Freeman looks good in whatever he wears. It’s kind of unbelievable bordering on ridiculous. Every male Notre Dame fan — or maybe just me — must feel a sense of emasculation whenever they see Freeman wearing stuff like this:

I’m sure more than a few husbands have gone to pains to try and keep their wives from being seduced by this Adonis. But it’s not just the business attire Freeman sports. It’s also his seemingly personalized collection of Under Armour garb.

Forget making shoes that keep breaking the feet of Notre Dame’s best athletes. Under Armour is making an even more boneheaded decision by failing to make Freeman’s wardrobe available to the public. I think I speak for the entirety of the Irish fanbase when I say...

I mean, c’mon, UA. It’s that time of year when The Shirt is being shoved down every Notre Dame fan’s throat. You’re going to let yourselves be outdone by Colosseum when these sweet and simple sweatshirts could be flying off the shelves?

Or all these green beauties?

It is unconscionable to not release these on St. Patrick’s Day. Flat out unacceptable. Almost as unacceptable as Notre Dame’s wide receiver recruiting three of the last four seasons.

I mean, Under Armour didn’t even seize on the momentum of the men’s basketball win over Kentucky. Clearly Freeman’s get-up (and LaPhonso Ellis’ Ring of Honor induction) gave Mike Brey’s squad a little extra magic.

Under Armour, you’re killing me here. My consumer cravings must be satiated. I’m so desperate I’ve resorted to making memes:

The people want you to make this swag available, Under Armour. So, to quote one of your competitors, “Just do it.”