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2022 NFL Draft: Kyle Hamilton is selected by the Baltimore Ravens at #14 in the first round

A fitting (but dumb) number

Kyle Hamilton
Brendan McAlinden

The wait is finally over for one of Notre Dame’s most favored sons and his NFL future. With the 14th pick in the 1st round, the Baltimore Ravens selected Irish safety, Kyle Hamilton.

Back in September, the narrative about Hamilton was that he would likely be a Top 5 pick and could make a case as the best player in the entire draft. His position of safety is not considered to be a premium position in the NFL, but his extraordinary talent would likely supersede that position status.

Kyle’s midseason injury derailed a mounting campaign as “the best player in college football,” but he still garnered All-American honors.

We knew Kyle was going to be special during his very first fall camp at Notre Dame as he continually made plays and pulled down interceptions as an incoming freshman. Some knew long before that as Hamilton went from a low 3-Star player in March of his junior year in high school to become a 5-Star elite ranked stud.

In his 3 year career with the Irish, Hamilton played in 31 games and made 138 tackles. Kyle pulled down 8 interceptions (one for TD his freshman year) and had 16 passes defended. More importantly though... Hamilton allowed just one touchdown in his entire career.

Kyle is an incredible talent that is probably the surest bet in the entire draft. This is a long, smart, and playmaking safety that can immediately be used as a plug-n-play player as a rookie. The fact that his position is what really pushed him out of the top 5 is why most of the same teams are picking in the position they do year in and year out.

Good luck to Kyle at his new home, and thanks for everything you did in South Bend.