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NFL Draft: Will Notre Dame’s Kyle Hamilton be a Top 10 pick?

Does it even matter?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 11 Toledo at Notre Dame Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL Draft has arrived and we are just days away from the end of mindless months of speculation. For Notre Dame’s Kyle Hamilton, it will likely come as a great relief considering the way he has been slandered since the NFL Combine — and even some before that day.

Back in September, the narrative about Hamilton was that he would likely be a Top 5 pick and could make a case as the best player in the entire draft. His position of safety is not considered to be a premium position in the NFL, but his extraordinary talent would likely supersede that position status.

Plus... it’s not like there are great options at quarterback and at defensive end.

Kyle suffered a season-ending injury halfway through the season, but that didn’t have any real effect on his draft status. While his slower than anticipated combine 40 time certainly raised some eyebrows, there’s more to his perceived drop.

The NFL continues to overvalue quarterbacks and edge players. While those positions are probably #1 and #2 in need and value, the league just decides each year to waste millions of dollars on players at these positions — just because they play the position. Perhaps it’s why we see the same teams drafting in the top 15 each year... but I digress.

Will Kyle be selected in the first 10 picks of the draft? According to DraftKings, the over/under on Kyle’s draft position is set at 12.5 with a +200 on him going in the top 10. His odds for each of the 10 selections are:

  1. +10000
  2. +10000
  3. +5000
  4. +7500
  5. +4000
  6. +5000
  7. +3000
  8. +1500
  9. +2500
  10. +1500

In my opinion, Kyle doesn’t get past #11 with the Washington Commanders, but there are rumblings about the Buffalo Bills at #8. So... we will see. I’m just glad we are approaching the end of all of this.