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Notre Dame Football: Kyle Hamilton wants to embarrass his family

According to his family — it’s not fun

Notre Dame v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is this week, and we are going to finally see Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton selected in the first round. We all knew this day was coming since Kyle lit up fall camp as a freshmen — and we were pretty certain that it was going to be THIS draft as his talents were going to be hard to keep in South Bend for four years.

Speaking of his talents... Kyle recently went on the Jim Rome Show and they spoke about his [Kyle] competitive nature. It’s a sense of competition that comes via the work ethic that was instilled by Kyle’s parents and his brother with early morning workouts before school.

Even now, the competition level within his family remains high. While his brother Tyler and his father Derek say “it’s no fun” anymore, Kyle says that he is, “competing to embarrass them.”

This is how NFL legends are made — with loving scorn and spite by dad and big bro.

The NFL Draft starts Thursday night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hamilton is projected to be a first-round pick, although the pick number and team is still very much in question.