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Notre Dame Blue-Gold Spring Football: Game Thread and How to Watch

A.K.A. the Drew Pyne attack

When you must fight yourself
Brendan McAlinden

Well here we go... it’s Blue-Gold Game time, and I’m a little more excited than I thought I would be. I guess the thought of the possibility of Audric Estime getting like 20+ carries today has me a little giddy. Add a couple of fullbacks to the mix and now we’re cooking with gas (expensive gas).

Whatever this thing ends up being, just enjoy it for what it is. Who knows — maybe there will be some real things to take away from this game, and if not, at least you got to watch the boys play some ball.


Where: Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, Indiana
When: 1:00 PM EST
How to watch: Peacock Premium


The game thread is open below. I know many of us are on Twitter for most of the game, but I encourage you to vent and do other things that require more than 280 characters here.