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Notre Dame Football: 2022’s THE SHIRT is unveiled

And it’s not terrible — which is a pretty low bar

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On Friday, Notre Dame’s 2022 version of The Shirt was unveiled by the committee that does these things. They were joined by Father Pete and Marcus Freeman in an hour long ceremony that culminated with this thing that you see before you:

I’ll save you from a design lesson that should accompany this article and just say... it’s not overly terrible. It’s not great either, and might be one of the most non-offensive offerings from the past 33 years.

It’s extremely boring, and it comes on the heels of seeing so many great offerings from Under Armour via Marcus Freeman’s coaching wardrobe (likely to be for public sale this summer). It doesn’t inspire any type of motion for me to grab my wallet and pull out that cold piece of plastic.

There are a lot of people that give this a failing grade because of a widely held belief that the shirt should always be green. While I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment, I’d be willing to bet that this shirt will have record breaking sales due to its unoffensive nature.

It’s not terrible, but it really isn’t good either. It’s just there, and after three decades, people just want to go along to get along for the most part.