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The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Spring Football Game

It’s time to do the thing again

Brendan McAlinden

Well, we have finally arrived at the annual Blue-Gold Game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. If you barely noticed that it has been spring football season over the last two months, no one will hold it against you. The honest truth is that you’re at least mostly justified for not noticing. This year it’s been mostly one giant press conference due to the lack of media access to practices. And that’s fine.

Perhaps our inability to breakdown and overanalyze every single small detail will curb some of the hyperbole that gets created (good and bad) over the summer months. Then again, the spring game itself offers more than enough of that kind of opportunity — so we’re not out of the woods just yet.


The Irish had a lovely idea that involved a player draft to help formulate a real game for fans. Spring is a time of work, and the real scrimmage is already in the books (a 100+ play scrimmage for plenty of film for the coaches to pour over during the offseason). The carrot and the stick was the player draft with quarterbacks Tyler Buchner and Drew Pyne in play — but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Pyne is going to be QB1 for both squads, and with no disrespect to Drew... a lot of the intrigue for this game went away.

What should you be drinking?

I mean — how about almost everything or just a drink called one of everything? Sure.

What should you be eating?

With a 1:00 PM start of the game, you’re going to want to eat a hearty breakfast.


Reply to @preppy_aesthic_account7 bacon & eggs #baconandeggs #avocadotoast

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What should you be wearing?

After a long Midwestern winter, some of y’all are going to desperately need this. (Looking at you Anglo-Saxons and others of that ilk).

3 reasons to care about the spring game

I know I have been a big “spring doesn’t matter guy” and for good reason, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find the love of a Blue-Gold Game.

  1. We are going to see a TON of Audric Estime and Jadarian Price and there is nothing wrong with that.
  2. CROOTIN! It’s a huge recruiting weekend, and given the weather, the former players, and all the good vibes... we could see some very nice results.
  3. It’s Notre Dame football. The boys will be out in the sunshine with the gold helmets and the greatest game the gods gifted to humans will be played.

At the end of the day...

Team Blue is going to win this in blowout fashion, but more than that... it’s going to be a very windy day. While many of us wanted to see Tyler Buchner toss it around, it’s definitely not going to be a thing now. They’ll be cautious, and that’s fine — get out healthy.