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Notre Dame pays homage to Lil’ Sebastian

But why isn’t this happening during a football game?

On Saturday, Notre Dame went all in to pay homage to one of its most famous alumni (honorary or regular). In 2009 the world took notice as Lil’ Sebastian was brought to us via the 16th episode of the hit comedy show Parks And Rec — on NBC of course.

While a TV timeout “if you could direct your attention to the south endzone” moment feels like a much cooler way to celebrate all of this — there is the slight issue of Lil’ Sebastian’s death. Still... we could probably get Leslie Knope to show up to accept on his behalf. Better yet, maybe Notre Dame could book MouseRat for the occasion.

And if you’re thinking to yourself right now, “what in the absolute fuck is going on here Josh?” My only answer is that there is honestly only the thinnest of spring football news to cover, and there’s plenty of room for a little horse.