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Is Notre Dame one step closer to bringing back Clashmore Mike?

Obviously... they should

Marcus Freeman and a photoshopped Clashmore Mike for our pleasure
Twitter @gonein2059

There has been a steady call from fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish over the years to bring back our beloved Clashmore Mike. The dog is so beloved, that oddly enough, most of the table pounding is coming from people like me — born many years after the last known appearance for the Irish Terrier.

And yet... until quite recently, Notre Dame didn’t do much to promote its history of Clashmore Mike. A small apparel collection entered the bookstore about 10 years ago, but Mike just hasn’t been a thing. Homefield’s Clashmore Mike t-shirt was one of the best sellers of the entire Big New Saturday SZN2 (trust me — it’s a big deal) and the idea of bringing him back picked up a little more steam.

And now... this:

While this is still just a very small step in a journey back for Mike — it’s still something. It keeps the memory alive until someone at Notre Dame finally says, “GET ME A GORGEOUS IRISH TERRIER BECAUSE IT’S TIME!”

So yeah, it’s one step closer. Who knows — maybe if they get flooded with these Flat Stanley type of pics, maybe that helps the process. It can’t hurt.