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Notre Dame Basketball: Freshman Blake Wesley is headed to the NBA Draft

And Nate Laszewski is dipping a toe

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 23 Syracuse at Notre Dame Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Wednesday, we found out that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish roster that we hoped would be in place for the 2022-2023 season isn’t going to happen.

Blake Wesley is entering the 2022 NBA Draft, and according to his mother — this isn’t a test.

Mike Brey went on a Chicago radio station earlier in the day and stated that both Blake Wesley and Nate Laszewski would test the waters of the NBA Draft process. While the testing process is certainly in Laszewski’s probable future, Blake Wesley will become the first “one and done” basketball player in school history.

While we should all wish Blake Wesley the best (and a thank-you for the energy he brought to the program) it does suck something awful for the program. The thought of Wesley and the others on the roster returning with the inclusion of freshman J.J. Starling was something a lot of us were pretty excited about. Now... well I’m still excited but it’s quite mellow in comparison.