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Notre Dame Football: Changes to how you watch the Irish are likely on the way

And that’s fine, I guess

North Carolina v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Little by little, the Notre Dame football offseason has produced some juicy tidbits in regards to the game broadcasts. While there was a bit of a story a few weeks ago about how the Joe Buck move to ESPN may affect Notre Dame’s game against the Ohio State Buckeyes — we now know the real details via the Sports Business Journal, and they tell a different story.

Part of the deal with Joe Buck’s early release to ESPN from FOX was Fox being able to grab the game between the Purdue Boilermakers and Penn State Nittany Lions on a Thursday night. ESPN will still have the rights to the Irish VS the Bucks, and we should probably expect it to be a night game.

If a night game in Columbus makes you happy — you obviously have no plans on attending, or want the best chance for the boys in Blue and Gold.

The Tirico Situation

Notre Dame VS Ohio State is just one game — so what about the six home games this year and NBC? The media moves being made with the NFL coverage are massive, and have an impact on fans of Notre Dame football.

Al Michaels is reported to be on his way to cover games for Amazon, which means NBC will replace him on Sunday Night Football with Mike Tirico. Sooooo... we should probably expect a change inside the Notre Dame booth for NBC in 2022.

Drew Brees will still be the color commentator (Purdue is just too involved with this post), but the Irish will need a new play-by-play man. NBC really doesn’t have a lot on its roster right now, but it could go with Notre Dame football radio announcer Paul Burmeister, the old back-up Dan Hicks, or maybe even Jac Collinsworth.

Unfortunately, NBC isn’t awesome enough to steal away Gus Johnson from Fox — my personal choice as the greatest option.

Keep a closer eye on the Blue-Gold game as it could tell the story for Irish fans in 2022.