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Notre Dame Football: A gentlemen’s review of the first day of spring practice

It’s going to be different this year

Office Life photo by Louis Quail/In Pictures via Getty Images Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish began their spring football journey on St. Patrick’s Day with practice number one of the season. After careful consideration, I have decided to take a different approach with our coverage on OFD this year.

It’s going to be sophisticated (brief) and stylish (just a made up word). It’s going to follow more of my personal philosophy about spring ball and the media coverage of it — which is to take very little and make even less. Notre Dame has bravely adopted this same philosophy with just a wee bit of access and minute long quick cut-up hype videos.

Please have a seat — this will only take a moment.

The Freeman Presser

Quick Points and Highlights of the Presser

  • No one decided to turn the practice field into wrestling ring.
  • Mantras are the focus for spring — the execution of them anyways.
  • Al Golden is keeping some defensive schemes from last year and is going to add some situational stuff.
  • Freeman sidestep’s the sidestep question about Dr. Amber Selking and her non-involvement with the team moving forward.
  • Figuring out the Freeman stance.
  • Running Back C’Bo Flemister is no longer on the team.
  • Cornerback TaRiq Bracy is on the team and ready for a 5th year.
  • Marcus Freeman is not a quarterback guru but wants a competitive QB room.
  • Finding the best combination of defensive linemen.
  • Pat Coogan is out for the spring with a meniscus tear.
  • No captains on the field right now with Jarrett Patterson and Avery Davis out for the spring.
  • Jerome Bettis is an unofficial consultant of sorts.
  • The early enrollees are freshmen just trying to learn and grow.

30 Seconds to Mars

I’m sorry — I couldn’t help typing that title. You can bury me... but before you do, here is Notre Dame’s gift to all of you. 30 seconds to Mars dammit of quick-cut practice footage.