Can Someone Please Let Coach Freeman Know

That the TOP recruit that had an offer from Notre Dame just reclassified today.

Lebbeus Overton, will be taking visits to five schools as Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas A&M.

Why should he add a 6th in the Irish? He wants to play for a championship. We can offer that and so can arguably 3 of the 5 schools he is visiting.

More importantly, 0 of the 5 are academic powerhouses. Lebbeus has 2 brilliant parents! His father is now a college athletic director and both his parents were collegiate academic advisors. Knowledge is important to him, Lebbeus has a 4.0 and is graduating from high school early.

Notre Dame should be the fit and needs to reach out!

1) compete for national championship
2) play on an o-line that has had some of the greatest transition to NFL success over the last decade
3) get an education

Someone make sure this gets to coach Freeman!

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