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Notre Dame Football: Tight end Michael Mayer just got a HUGE snub from the John Mackey Award

They screwed him

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Notre Dame vs Navy Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’re worried that the impending expanded version of the college football playoff, NIL, and the transfer portal are out to kill the sport of college football as we have known it all of our lives — you can sleep easy. All of the incompetence, corruption, and flat-out stupidity of the sport still is very much alive with the college football awards — especially the John Mackey Award.

On Thursday night, we found out that the Mackey Award was given to Georgia Bulldogs TE Brock Bowers, rather than Notre Dame’s Michael Mayer.

Both Mayer and Bowers were snubbed as finalists for the Award last year — which made absolutely zero sense then only magnifies how ridiculously inept this award committee has become.

Of the 9 weeks that the JMA handed out a TE of the week award (there was nothing more on their website which I won’t link because screw them) Michael Mayer was given that “honor” three times to Bowers’ one time.

Brock Bowers is an incredible player and absolutely worthy of the award that goes to the best tight end in college football — but not this year. This is bullshit, and bullshit should always be called out.