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Notre Dame Football: The early enrollees for the 2023 class

They’ll be here soon

kenny minchey notre dame
Kenny Minchey

Notre Dame first allowed early enrollees back with the 2006 class with a total of three recruits that were able to start their college careers early in the dead of winter in South Bend. As much as the time the players are able to spend training with the team during spring practice, in my opinion it’s the opportunity they get to acclimate to life as a Notre Dame student that is the most helpful part.

Over the last few years we have seen a large number of early enrollees, and this year is no different. Right now there are 12 players scheduled to enroll this January, and if the Peyton Bowen saga eventually goes Notre Dame’s way, it will be 13.

Here is the list of early enrollees:

  • QB Kenny Minchey
  • WR Braylon James
  • WR Jaden Greathouse
  • WR Rico Flores
  • OL Sam Pendleton
  • DL Devan Houstan
  • LB Preston Zinter
  • LB Drayk Bowen
  • LB Jaiden Ausberry
  • CB Christian Gray
  • S Adon Shuler
  • S Ben Minich

Besides the early enrollees, the three current transfer portal additions will also be at Notre Dame in January:

  • WR Kaleb Smith from Virginia Tech
  • P Ben Krimm from Pennsylvania
  • K Spencer Shrader from USF