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National Signing Day: 5-Star Safety Peyton Bowen flips from Notre Dame to Oregon

All green

Boss Tweed With Money Bag Head
I’m shocked
Photo by Kean Collection/Getty Images

In a shocking but not shocking move, 5-Star safety Peyton Bowen has flipped his commitment from Notre Dame to the Oregon Ducks, and signed his NLI to play in Eugene.

Bowen has been a player out looking/shopping around for many many months. Most insiders over the past 6 months felt that ultimately Bowen would join his best friend Jackson Arnold in Norman to play for the Oklahoma Sooners.

That Sooner bound narrative took a massive turn a few weeks ago with the Oregon Ducks and Phil Knight’s checkbook (or whatever) came swooping in to entice the phenomenal Bowen. Peyton cancelled a trip to Eugene last weekend, and it seemed as if he was really settled in on Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Even throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the momentum for Notre Dame was something that recruiting insiders kept putting out there.

In an announcement ceremony, Bowen did the hat trick on the table and put on the Oregon hat to the surprise of many. Welcome to the new age of college football recruiting. It was fun having him committed for 11 months though...