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College Football Playoff Rankings: Notre Dame at #20 is disrespectful to the troops

Why does the committee?

NCAA Football: Clemson at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, the College Football Playoff committee unveiled its second set of rankings on ESPN, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have entered the chat with a #20 ranking.

While it feels like a big jump for the Irish since they were unranked last week — I have a major bone to pick with the committee. Why the hell are the Texas Longhorns ranked ahead of Notre Dame? Who have they beaten to deserve their #18 ranking with three losses?

At present, the Irish have a win over the #10 Clemson Tigers and #15 North Carolina Tar Heels — and both were ass-whoopings (Dabo’s words). The best win Texas has is over the #19 Kansas State Wildcats, which was a 34-27 game.

And none of that is going to matter come Sunday morning. Texas plays the #4 TCU Horned Frogs on Saturday, and if the Horns win, I can eat crow for breakfast. If the Horns lose, everything I just said was a waste of time — which of course this all is.

Maybe the committee just hates the troops and doesn’t want the Navy Midshipmen to face a higher-ranked team this week? I mean — it could be true. It’s too bad Notre Dame doesn’t have almost ANY other team in the FBS on its schedule for Saturday.

With three regular-season games left for Notre Dame, there’s a real path to a top-10 ranking. It’s the best thing left on the table, and I’m sitting down hungry and ready to eat.