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Notre Dame Football: Now the whole country knows

Insert directly into your veins

Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took out all of its frustrations with the world on Saturday against the Clemson Tigers by handing out a 35-14 ass-whooping (Dabo Swinney’s words). It’s a funny score because it looks like a blowout win, but anyone that watched the game will tell you — IT WASN’T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING THAT CLOSE.

It was awesome, and now the country has to take notice — right?

Not really — no. Most pundits after the game spent their allotted time talking about how bad Clemson is at the sport of football, and generally brushed it off to the side as something that was bound to happen. In doing so, most conversations outside of the Notre Dame bubble have focused less on Notre Dame’s resurgence and more on Clemson’s folly.

Marcus Freeman doesn’t feel that way, and neither does the team. They viewed this win as proof of concept in what they are trying to do in South Bend. While it’s frustrating to see the lack of respect nationally for a big win like this, the mindset within the program is perfect right now.

Notre Dame captured that mindset and that spirit quite well with this week’s Irish Access video... which gets a billion bonus points for Tommy Rees’s exit from the tower.