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OFD Podcast: All the immaculate vibes from Notre Dame’s win over Clemson

A night to build a foundation

Joshua and Brendan are back to hold down the pod fort after Notre Dame’s 35-14 win over the Clemson tigers while Jude is still out berserking life. In this episode:

  • HELLO!
  • Let’s not waste any time (as some time gets wasted).
  • The leadup for the day felt different.
  • Joshua leads Brendan on a subconscious tour of campus without being asked.
  • Full animation inside the press box... but it was silent animation.
  • Brian Mason is a prophet and a general of the highest class.
  • Notre Dame was more physical, tougher, and whatever else you want to say.
  • Audric Estime and Logan Diggs VS Will Shipley.
  • How Notre Dame went on rampage.
  • Benjamin Morrison is the real MVP.
  • Major props to J.D. Bertrand.
  • Dabo’s big switch.
  • The final few minutes.
  • Postgame awesomeness (just the tip).
  • The national view of this game.
  • Awesome.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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