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Notre Dame: 35, Clemson: 14 OVERREACTIONS

VERY easy to overreact to this one, but in an amazing way

NCAA Football: Clemson at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


My brothers and sisters in Christ, WHAT A WIN for the ND faithful on Saturday night. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish put the absolute hammer down and WRECKED Clemson. What a glorious night, and we’re still reeling. I am shocked and in awe, but that whole game was just incredible. When something like that happens, though, we’re going to get some instant overreactions, especially toward the good. Let’s see what takes happened in the heat of that shellacking on Saturday night and if we should get behind those takes or truly think of them as overreactions.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Notre Dame
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


This one made me chuckle. I understand the premise and point, as it is very clear that Pyne has underperformed with his passing abilities. But, the Irish were winning, and even an hour into the game it looked like Clemson was having issues doing anything productive. However, especially with Pyne giving up zero turnovers for the night, he executed the offense well by letting the run game pound Clemson into submission. In the middle of a game like that with the Irish commanding, this take is just something we gotta put aside until there is some more desperation and actually something to worry about.

I definitely can’t hate on this because at the moment on Saturday, it felt like we could beat just about anybody. However, the Irish are still a 6-3 team that had two ABYSMAL losses despite the euphoric win on Saturday. I love the sentiment, but let’s focus more on being a Top 25 team, which now the Irish should be.

I’m disavowing this negativity. First of all, I think we will be seeing a lot more big wins in the next five years. Secondly, who knows, there could be a bad year thrown in there. Maybe the Irish will be on a string of years where people can actually understand and confirm that the Irish would deserve a Top 10/15 preseason ranking. I also must have been in a coma when the Irish won another big game just two years ago also against Clemson.

Holy Embellishment, Batman! This one also was hilarious to see on the good ole There were admittedly A LOT of Clemson fans around for the game, but it was not overwhelming. I figured especially after not being able to come to the 2020 game that they would travel well. To me, it was not much more than I had thought they would bring. There were ideas out there that this was going to be 2017 UGA levels of takeover, and it wasn’t even close. To be fair, this account did backtrack and did correct initial thoughts, but I did think there was a bit too much worry about this.

And finally, there wasn’t a tweet, but after the Stanford game, a very frustrated fan was yelling from Section 123 that all of the coaches should be fired. It was a frustrating time, but that is a clear overreaction. And to that sentiment I now say:

NCAA Football: UNLV at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports