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Eating and drinking our way to a Notre Dame victory over Clemson

The important things

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish host the Clemson Tigers inside Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday for a prime-time matchup of ACC RIVALS.

I said what I said.

As some of you have noticed, the Anti-Preview is dead. I killed it, and it’s never coming back. For over 13 years that bit of fun was on my tool belt, but at some point, it just kind of got in the way. It happens, but at least I am the one that makes the rules here — so let's just go with the 2 most important items from the AP moving forward. YAY US!


I made a tragic mistake in 2020 that resulted in an awesome victory. I made Trojan Blood as Tiger Blood for the Clemson game. It was lazy for sure... but only slightly wrong. It has to be different, so Tiger Blood is getting a makeover moving forward. It might be a little tricky for some of you to make (given the ingredient and location in the country) but in God Amazon — all things are possible.


  • Cheerwine
  • Vodka
  • Sprig of rosemary
  • Cherries

Grab a highball glass and fill with ice. Pour desired amount of vodka (probably a lot). Fill the rest with Cheerwine (The nectar of North Carolina). Garnish with a sprig of rosemary — and a pair of bloody tiger balls (the cherries silly goose).


All you need to do is listen to the first 20 minutes of the OFD Podcast. Oh— you didn’t listen? Well here ya go friends:


Brendan was adamant that his recipe is the greatest mac-n-cheese recipe in the history of the world, but failed to provide the exact instructions. As for myself... I can’t find the one I use (this article was supposed to be published at noon today). So... y’all are just going to have to be grown-ups about this and figure it out yourself. Here is ONE I found within 3 seconds of YouTubing.