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Quick Recap: Fighting Irish Defeat Northwestern 92-58

This was never really in doubt

Syndication: Notre Dame Insider John Mersits / USA TODAY NETWORK

A Record Broken, Stellar Performances, and Domination

On Wednesday night, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball team took on the Northwestern Wildcats in Evanston. The Irish got the very convincing win to take back home to South Bend, winning by a final score of 92-58.

This one truly was not close, and the Irish blew the doors off the building in the second half. Some performances were of more note than normal, too. Dara Mabrey hit her 275th career 3-pointer, thus taking over her sister, Marina, for all-time career 3-pointers for Notre Dame players.

Sonia Citron was also have A NIGHT, starting the game by going 8-8 from the field and 4-4, starting a PERFECT 100%. She ended the night with 24 points, shooting 80% from the field and 4-of-5 from 3. Just a NUTS stat line.

Lauren Ebo, the newcomer from the transfer portal, also absolutely dominated in the first few minutes of the game, taking matters into her own hands. She had 11 points and 3 rebounds in the first five minutes of the game.

The Irish had so much happen on the court with the performance, but there was also a shake-up of sorts on the court later in the game, as well. A total of FOUR players were ejected. There was a tie up under the basket at the end of the first half which led to “full on chaos” as a friend of mine who was there at the game texted me (thanks, Greg). Olivia Miles got tied up with two players from Northwestern, and there was a dust up from that. All three were issued technical fouls. Then, after a TEN MINUTE review, the refs ejected three players from Northwestern’s bench because they came off the bench to help during the scrap. Absolutely insane turn of events. Olivia Miles also was issued another technical in the second half for some more jawing, so she was ultimately ejected.

A lot was happening in a blow out game, and the Irish are coming away with the win, now 3-0 on the season. Next up, the Irish play at home on Sunday afternoon at 4 PM as they will play Ball State on the ACC Network.