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College Football Playoff Rankings: Notre Dame shuffles up to #18

Hanging around

Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Notre Dame’s no-show in the second half against the Navy Midshipmen catapulted them up two spots in the College Football Playoff rankings to #18.

It’s hard to argue against Notre Dame’s ranking one way or another. Their losses are ridiculous, but the wins basically make them the 2022 ACC Champions due to the beatdowns they handed out to the #13 North Carolina Tar Heels and the #9 Clemson Tigers.

Personally, however, I felt the Irish could have been ranked as high as #15 this week as none of those teams have better wins than Notre Dame. The Stanford game is the nail in the coffin. Had Notre Dame not been screwed by the fumble call from the refs, and just snuck in a win, Notre Dame would likely be ranked somewhere around #8.

We all know that the path to a New Years Six game is really rough, but until it’s dead in the water, we can still create some scenarios that helps Notre Dame’s cause. It’s been a wild season all over college football, so nothing is really out of bounds. I’ll put something together in a little bit to help map that path.

The Irish are ranked #18 — which isn’t awesome — but it’s a better spot than many had them predicted to be just a month ago.